About the author

Everything started with...

 I owe my first encounter with art to Jerzy Wolff’s book entitled "Shape of Beauty". The author presented very interesting profiles of several painters, largely contemporary ones.  I especially remember the essays about Bonnard, Potworowski and Nikifor.  At that time I was an inquisitive teenager and this book made a lasting impression on me.  Since then, my art-related interests grew and evolved.  I was buying albums, reading biographies and visiting art exhibitions, gradually shaping my artistic taste. 

Discovering my own style

Finally I was ready to create my own art.  I started with painting, learning about different techniques, and experimenting with combinations of colors.  Over the last few years I have been making batiks, translating my painting skills and intuition into abstract compositions on fabric. 


More recently I also became interested in eco-dyeing, a new fabric decoration technique similar to batik. 


In addition to painting I also just have found another passion; this time it is an attempt to confront forms in space through sculpture in clay.