”In fabric paintings created by Marta Staszczyk, the common pedigree – an inspiration by the nature – can be traced through both the content and the mode of execution.”

~ Alicja Czuber - Filonik


Painting with wax offers a greater freedom of choice for themes.  Still, even when working with wax, Marta Staszczyk is most interested in close observation of the natural world.

Her batiks are dominated by impressions of landscapes, in which moods and emotions are expressed as arrangements of colorful spots. The transience of time and events becomes fixed on the surface of her fabrics. 

Marta Staszczyk's gallery - large size batiks

Capturing the moment


Marta Staszczyk’s images on fabric arrest these elusive moments for a bit longer, simultaneously asking us to stop and take a closer look at the natural world around us, on nature’s miniscule manifestations and its constant changeability, which we often fail to notice or indifferently pass by in our everyday rush.

Marta Staszczyk's gallery - medium size batiks


Like old masters from the Far East, Marta is passionate about observing a tiny section of the natural world.  These old works portray a fleeting beauty and various, often small details of the surrounding world - spread wings of a flying bird, an outline of delicate contours of leaves, melancholy of wilting flowers or a vitality of sprouting seeds. 

Marta Staszczyk's gallery - medium size batiks