It's hard to say what exactly inspires me. Rather, it is the result of various experiences, insights, remembered landscapes, works of art, which are later transformed into my language.

"Pears" batik, 47.2x33.6 inch, 2016

The element of the experiment is also important to me, mainly in the sphere of colors. Sometimes, during dyeing, I abandon the original concept, because it turned out that the color obtained will be much better presented in a different society.

"Irises" batik, 45.6x20.8 inch, 2017

As for form, it also changes, I prefer abstractions, understatements, i.e. barely marked petals of irises, or butterfly wing. Sometimes the fabric itself imposes a form, densely woven makes the colors more saturated, as in the "Irises" or "Pears" batiks. Thin, transparent fabric inclines to more subtle, watercolor paintings, eg. in the "Butterfly" batik.

"Butterfly" batik, 10x5.2 inch, 2017

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